52 with a backbone

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Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Bill


John McDonnell to me is what Labour should be, but sadly is not….

John McDonnell:

I want the last words of the debate to be a thank you to two young people, because if they had not taken the Government to court, we would not have had this debate. I want to thank them for having the courage to say no when they were forced into unpaid work. I want to thank them for their courage in pursuing it through the courts, and I also want to thank them for allowing us at least to have some debate today to expose the regime that the Government have introduced.

I also want to thank the two organisations that have launched a week of action: Boycott Workfare and the Right to Work campaign. They are campaigning around the country to expose what companies are doing to exploit unpaid labour; the threats to benefits; and the harassment that people have endured. They are also coming out with a simple demand on behalf of young people across the country: they just want a job, but they want one with decent pay. I do not think that that is too much to ask in the seventh richest country in the world in 2013.


I total agree with Owen Jones when he writes:


Utterly disgraceful that the Labour leadership ordered their MPs to abstain on the Tory workfare bill today. It was an attack on the idea of a honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, and on the supposed rule of law. Kudos to the 40 or so Labour MPs who voted against, including John McDonnell, Graham Morris, Ian Mearns and Ian Lavery – they did what the Labour party was actually founded to do: represent working people, and fight Tory attacks on them. One lesson from today: we need more Labour MPs selected who actually have a backbone and who are genuinely prepared to fight for working people. Absolutely furious.


AND when the House divided: Ayes 263, Noes 52.


Well DONE to the 52 with a backbone