Disabled Group ask for support

Highlighting the hypocrisy of Atos!
Disabled People will be demonstrating at the offices of Atos in Gladstone Road Northampton on Tuesday 28 August from 11:30 to 1:30 and are calling on the whole of the anti-cuts movement to join them.
Members of East Midlands Disabled People Against Cuts (EMDPAC) will be distributing flyers on this at the Umbrella Fair (18/19 Aug) and holding a stall in Abington Street on Saturday 25 August
This is Northampton’s part in what will be a week of protests Nationally   
A week of protests against Atos spearheaded by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) to co-incide with the Paralympic Games is gathering support and much-deserved media attention.Both Channel 4’s Dispatches and BBC’s Panorama programmes shown last week,both exposed the brutal reality of the Tories Work Capability assessments and how these tests carried out by French IT company Atos are incredibly flawed but are still driving disabled people onto the breadline and worse. Last week, many newspapers reported that 32 people have died whilst appealing against the Tories and Atos’ hated tests.So, the Tories decision to award Atos £400 million of new contracts to assess people currently claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has enraged disability campaigners at least as much as the decision to reward Atos with the status of official Olympic sponsor.The Atos Games promises to put one of the Tories favourite benefit-slashing but public expenditure-swallowing parasitical companies under severe pressure whilst their senior executives hoped to reap even greater profits from the Olympic and Paralympic adverts. For more details of the Atos Games and how you can get involved go to the DPAC site.