VIRGIN PROTEST Northampton – full report later ….

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VIRGIN PROTEST Northampton – full report later ….



Health campaigners called a weekend of protests against Richard Branson’s Virgin Care, one of the leading private companies bidding for NHS contracts.

NORTHAMPTON Save Our Public Services who are affiliated to the ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ campaign group were joined by supporters of UK Uncut on Saturday 21 April in Abington Street to show there concerns.

Doctor and journalist Max Pemberton have described Virgin Care as “one of the first of many vultures to start picking over the rich, tender flesh of the NHS now that it has been splayed open” by new Tory legislation.

Dave Green (Northampton Save Our Services spokesman) “These private organisations are going to try to cherry pick parts of the NHS that they see as being extremely profitable for their balance sheets, owners and shareholders. We need to resist this encroachment into the NHS which was built to serve people’s health needs not to line profiteers’ pockets.”

The Keep Our NHS Public campaign group had organised nationally coordinated local protests at Virgin stores on Saturday 21 April.

Virgin Care was set up in 2006 as Assura Medical. Branson’s Virgin Group bought a 75 percent stake for £4 million in March 2010. It was rebranded as Virgin Care in March this year.