Don’t let Richard Branson asset-strip the NHS!

by northamptondefendcouncilhousing

Save Our Services – No to Virgin NHS!

Picket Virgin in Northampton

21st April, Saturday, Abington Street, 11am and afternoon (to be arranged)

‘Save Our Public Services’ – Northampton is calling for support of the Protests around the country that have been initiated by the national campaign ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ against the takeover of our Health Service by the likes of Richard Branson’s Virgin corporation.

These private organisations are going to try to cherry pick parts of the NHS that they see as being extremely profitable for their balance sheets, owners and shareholders.  We need to resist this encroachment into the NHS which was built to serve people’s health needs not to line profiteers’ pockets.

So, join our protest, consider making some placards and other material to bring along (although some will be provided) to make this protest colouful and relevant to the citizens of Northampton.  There will be Branson face masks for use on the day – but please bring along your own material as well (perhaps Virgin Health Care Cards, Fly Miles credits for heart and stroke patients treated at Virgin health care facilties, etc etc).

The campaign against the effects of the recent coalition health and welfare bill needs to continue so that we resist locally and nationally the break up of universal health care for all, and oppose the introduction of a US style health service (or should that be disservice?)

Please get your  organisation and friends onboard to support this initiative and future activity to ‘Keep our NHS Public’